Engaging Boredom – April 26 2015

8:30-9:00         Registration and Breakfast
9:00-9:20         Welcome and Opening Remarks
9:20-10:05       Session One
10:05-10:20     Break
10:20-11:05     Session Two
11:05-11:20     Break
11:20-12:15     Academic Keynote Address: Dr. Michael E. Gardiner
12:15-1:15       Lunch
1:20-1:50         Workshop
2:00-2:45         Session Three
2:45-3:00         Break
3:00-3:30         Films
3:30-4:15         Session Four
4:15-4:30         Break
4:30-5:00         Community Keynote Address: Nathan Townend
5:00-5:30         Music
5:30-6:00         Closing Remarks

SESSSION ONE 9:20-10:05

Maj Andrew Belyea, CD, PhD.
Royal Military College of Canada
Combating Boredom in Afghanistan

May Chew
Queen’s University
The Body in Repose: Languor, Accommodation, and In/Hospitable Archives

Matthew Hayes
Trent University
My Melancholia

SESSION TWO 10:20-11:05

Kevin Godbout
Western University
Melancholy, Stimmung and Master in Heidegger’s Being and Time

Sharday Mosurinjohn
Queen’s University
Making More Boring Art: Conceptual Writing as an Other of Overload

Morgan Oddie
Queen’s University
Mission(ary) Not Accomplished?: The Denigration of ‘Vanilla’ Sex in Response to the ‘Mainstream’ Popularization of BDSM

WORKSHOP 1:20-1:50

Michelle Smith and Jessica Davey-Quantick
Queen’s University
Twilight of the Living Dead: Fighting Boredom with Cannibalism and Glitter


Dr. David Tough
Trent University
The Politics of Boredom in Discussions of Taxation: A History and a Critique

Anhiti Patnaik
Trent University
Violence or Violins? The Bored Criminal in the BBC Sherlock

David Hollands
Trent University
Attraction as Boredom in Gus Van Sant’s Cinematic Tone Poems

FILMS 3:00-3:30

Dr. Lilly Koltun
Carleton University

Dr. Gary Kibbins
Queen’s University
Routine Motion

SESSION FOUR 3:30-4:15

Andriy Struk
University of Waterloo
The Importance of Self Regulation in Managing Boredom

Dr. Catherine White, Dr. Karen Gallant, and Barbara Hamilton-Hinch
Dalhousie University
Depression and Boredom: The Role of Social/Leisure Participation

Jhotisha Mugon
University of Waterloo
Does Boredom Lead to More Creative Potential?

MUSIC 5:00-5:30

Matt Clarke and Ira Smith from Starline City